Low Code No Code

Can you imagine a future where everyone would be able to build their own software just like building something out of Legos?

So many possibilities.

Such a world won’t require a 4 year college degree or deep knowledge of object oriented programming for creation to happen. In this future, anyone will be able to create a set of software programs to improve their work and life. Some such applications could even become big enough to replace enterprise applications used today. Believe it or not, the vision of this future is within sight!

Software automation has been a thing for some time now, ever since the dawn of dos batch programming. Then came Microsoft Office. It lets anyone record macros to automate repetitive tasks. Microsoft Power Apps takes this a few steps further by letting users create fully-functioning applications simply by dragging and dropping.

Any low-code platforms should have these key features:

  • Input or User Interface (UI) Builder: For example, forms or webpages that capture end user interactions.
  • Logic Builder: Business logic that either corrects user input, gives results from input, fetches data or resultset from a database, or stores information.
  • Data Modeler: How the business logic should be stored in the database and how to retrieve that information.
  • App connections: How to connect to this newly created app and how it can connect to other applications in the marketplace. This can be inbound and outbound.

Our engineers have been using Python library NumPy for a few years now to do a variety of testing and analysis. With PyCaret and Tensorflow, they are able to take things further by adding automation using machine learning.

Software from our partner company, Tolerance360, comes with several useful no-code features. For example, it lets users program new reports using Excel templates. T360 is a collaborative software for mechanical engineers to help improve the efficiency and accuracy of stack tolerance, FAI, BOM and related analytics.

We are here to help with your low-code/no-code journey. Have a good idea? Get it executed. Stop dependence on IT.

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